Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting To Know Frank and James



  1. I was also searching for the "Church" without walls. You can't keep the Love of God between four walls. We "The Body" must break out of the mold that man has made, spread and show the LOVE of JESUS. We are to be the salt of the earth and salt is much more effective out of the box.:) Great Podcast guys!

  2. nothing normal about either of you,
    great pod cast idea though. Let me know
    maybe we could find a time on Hope Radio for it

    Love you guys

  3. I listened to your podcast last night.
    I've been on this journey outside the four walls for over 40 years.
    There is one enormous difference - I have never been in a leadership position - and I didn't have so much to unlearn. I didn't have the same problems - and over the last few years I realise with hindsight that I have been learning so much recently about why people believe what they believe often as a result of DIVISIVE DENOMINATIONAL THEOLOGY. The Christian religion tries to find all the answers overlooking the fact that the Christian faith is neither rational nor logical - it is a mystery beyond human understanding - something that requires a revelation.

    I have been a 'Christian' for over 50 years but again with hindsight it is obvious that it was almost entirely based on HEAD KNOWLEDGE and not on any HEART AWARENESS until about 5 years ago.

    I found "So you don't want to go to church anymore" when Wayne and Dave Coleman had only written the first three chapters. I've had the privilege of spending a couple of separate weekends with Wayne when he has been in the UK. On the second occasion he brought across some of the original copies of "The Shack".

    Because I'm retired I spent a lot of time reading reviews after the book was published (maybe 500). I learned so much, especially from the negative reviews of what motivates people and the spitefulness of some so called Christians. I was a member of a 'List' where nobody had then heard of the book. I wrote a brief review and within an hour there was a reply saying that the book was heretical (and worse) and that if I believed that rubbish I couldn't possibly be a Christian.

    You ask the question, "Is America a Christian nation?" After being a member of what many have seen as an American cult or sect and having spent 27 nights in the States without having to pay a single hotel bill I do feel that I have some valuable observations - especially as a 15 year old Brit I got into serious trouble at school for daring to suggest that the British Empire was built on greed and selfishness - but that might be for later.

    I've been updating my FB profile and rewriting the introduction to my blog over the last month or so - and I've just been introduced to a 'church in a pub' - I have no idea where this is all going - we seem to be in the same boat - exciting isn't it?

    Look forward to sharing thoughts.


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